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4 ways to combine silk towels with blazer

Just a thin scarf and stylish blazer, she has 4 confident styles to work. Autumn weather is not too cold, so autumn scarves are often light and light materials such as Satin, silk, line ... are essential accessories that not only help women stay warm.

The scarf is not just a simple accessory, but has become a special feature in the ladies' fashion style thanks to their transformative ability and the soft and gentle look they bring.

4 ways to combine silk towels with blazer

Let's refer to 4 ways to combine trendy and stylish bare-sleeved blazer with only 1 autumn scarf to add graceful and elegant in these windy days! With only 2 long-sleeved blazers and large neck scarves, she can flexibly transform into many unique and stylish outfits.

1. Be elegant with a 'peek' scarf behind the lapel

The scarf with the luxurious leopard pattern 'gleam' behind the trendy bare-sleeved blazer not only keeps her warm on Autumn day but is also the highlight of her modern and elegant style. You can grab the scarf neatly and gently wrap it around your neck when the bare-handed blazer is unbuttoned. Then re-button the blazer and tie the belt.

2. Blazer 'turned' skirt spread leopard print point

Cleverly covered with a scarf on the ngaofi side, combined with the belt and you have a day the dress spreads with a leopard print pattern. To dress in the above manner, you need to tie the towel angles together. Putting it around the outside of the blazer was buttoned, about to equal the bottom flap. Next, tie the belt outside the towel is complete.

3. Blazer elegantly draped over a gown

With a tight shawl and belt inside and blazer on the outside, you look elegant like a blazer over a leopard-leather skirt. You also fold the 4 equal corners of the towel, sling it around your neck when the blazer opens the button. Arrange the lower flap equally. Then use the belt outside the towel.

4. 'Turn' blazer into trendy leopard skirt

Completely covering the bare-sleeved blazer and clearly emphasizing the slim waist and large belt, she is trendy, stylish with a leopard print skirt. You need to put the towel behind your back, curl the ends of the scarf, and tie them around the back of your neck. With the remaining 2 towels you pull them to create a cross in front of your chest. Adjust the towel flap under the lapel and tighten it with a large belt.

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