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Dress with a beautiful pattern from all angles

Admittedly, the patterned outfits always make the wearer youthful and lovely at first sight. However, if you do not know how to choose cleverly or combine a pattern, you will look very ridiculous. The following style tips will help you get the perfect look with any texture. Surely you will be beautiful confident in all circumstances.

Choose instant dress

+ When choosing a seamless dress with pattern colors, you should pay attention to choose elegant patterns, baby patterns or eye-catching stripes. If the girlfriend is fat, the more you should choose a small pattern or plaid to make others feel that you are small in measurements. While thin girlfriends, choose a slightly larger pattern or horizontal stripes to "fill" her body. 

+ Do not choose a seamless dress with colorful patterns, pattern motifs, drawing too big, you will have a mobile picture on the street. 

+ When wearing a patterned dress, you should not choose shoes or patterned bags, but choose one-color accessories, so you look harmonious and attractive.

Choose a skirt

+ To be trendy and trendy with patterned skirt, the most useful advice for you is to choose for yourself the styles of one-color three-hole shirts and blouses. You can mix flower skirt with pale pink shirt, patterned skirt with blue shirt ...

+ Avoid combining patterned skirts with trendy vignettes that look very country-like.
+ You can choose bag accessories or sandals with dark colors or colors with the skirt pattern.

Choose a shirt

As well as the combination of skirt legs, for floral patterns or plaid shirts, you should only mix with one-color pants or one-color skirt, you will look very prominent and beautiful. The style that suggests you is a prominent vignette with dark black pants, a blue plaid shirt and blue shorts, a white shirt with black motifs and a blue skirt leg ...

+ Especially without matching patterned shirts with pants, shirts, skirts and textures, you will look very confused.
+ Fat girls, big breasts should not choose large textured shirts, so choose tiny patterns or dark patterns.

Choose pants

+ Patterned pants are becoming a hot trend in recent times. Patterned pants should be combined with a T-shirt, a comfortable three-hole shirt in one color, you will look very dynamic and lovely.

+ When wearing patterned pants you can choose to combine with high heels or sandals.

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