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Beautiful winter fashion map with checkered motifs

Do not think that the checkered pattern can only be attached to the shirts, you can completely mix & match this pattern through different items and styles. Let's explore the beautiful Eastern fashion styles with checkered motifs...

Seem to have been an unwritten law, floral and tropical motifs are always spring / summer features and the checkered pattern is considered the motif representing Autumn / winter. 

Beautiful winter fashion map with checkered motifs

Considered as one of the most versatile motifs, the checkerboard motif can be mixed in casual style to punk rock. Feminine or personality, sexy depending on which item you choose to mix or how you layering the items. 

However, many of you think that the checkered pattern can only be applied to simple and casual shirts, but forget that the checkerboard when accompanied by other items is no less personal.

Pattern pants in general and checkered pants in particular can be said to be one of the items that are considered difficult to mix and quite cautious. However, the secret is extremely simple, that is to choose for yourself the rest of the items are simple and basic, with a color tone and not too contrasting with the motif you choose to be the main. 

You can choose for yourself black tones to suit the winter more, layering white sweaters - shirts to get both preppy and personality style.

Layering outfits with neutral and low tones will not be boring anymore when you choose a vignette item to layer with. The simplest way is to layering a large oversized shirt with a checkered pattern inside the jacket to reveal a peek outwards to create an accent detail, while avoiding the feeling of boredom between the single colors. simplified.

Style school girl with skirt legs

A short skirt spread with the checkered pattern will definitely give you a lovely, pretty school girl style, and especially with just that one skirt item, you have right away. for a whole set of clothes. 

This mix is ​​very suitable for school sets because you do not need to spend too much time choosing clothes and mixing clothes, just add a white shirt and a black cardigan jacket and you have one. Finished outfit! Mix & match with blazer.

Blazers often feel stiff and too formal, but textured blazers give a whole new feeling. Patterned blazers, especially checkered blazers, will give you a youthful, impressive, stylish style that is not difficult to mix at all. 

Because at this point the only thing you need to do is to choose for yourself the basic and monochrome items to mix with and so you have a set of clothes with the direction of extremely chic French girls!

Tie the shirt around your hips

Can also serve as a simple way to help emphasize the base set. Instead of jacketing out or layering, you can do an extremely quick operation of tying the checkered shirt around the hips to add an interesting color accent to everyday monochrome, white-black items . This can be said to be a contrasting style for overly feminine sets or an emphasis on your punk rock style...

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