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Kitchen is an indispensable part for every hotel restaurant or at least for every Vietnamese family. So the kitchen shirt, the chef's shirt are the factors that contribute to the typical image of the hotel restaurant... 

Austria's Kitchen Uniform MAULA include chef coat, chef coat, jacket kitchen ... diverse from color to style and fabric helps customers easily choose.

1. Color

Most of the models of kitchen shirt, male and female chef 's shirt, and chef's shirt are white as the main color. White is the color that represents elegance and sophistication and brings a sense of cleanliness and hygiene to the hotel restaurant, making customers believe in the quality of the restaurant's dishes...

However, there is not only white color, Uniform MAULA kitchen shirt has a variety of colors: black, yellow, red, orange ... depending on customers' requirements. Usually we will base on the main color tone of the restaurant...Our male and female chef shirts and tops are beautiful, comfortable and special in color, in harmony with the kitchen staff's love and fashion.

2. Design design

Carpentry Uniforms often design kitchen clothes, chef's shirts, chef's shirts in the traditional style of leader neck, long sleeves, with 2 rows of buttons, pocket and stitching.

For some customers who want to create their own unique style for their products and Dong Truong MAULA designs a special pattern with a stylized collar, short sleeves ..., modern and dynamic.

3. Fabric material

The working environment in the kitchen is exposed to fire and grease, so the kitchen staff, chefs and chefs are very hot, so the MAULA Uniform often chooses fabrics that can absorb sweat, elastic. and have high durability: khaki, kate, fabrics with high cotton content… to create cool feeling and good perspiration.

With the above elements, the MAULA Uniform will bring customers the best quality, durable, cool and airy kitchen shirts, chefs and chef shirts for your kitchen staff... Uniforms MAULA hopes to receive our attention as well as to order our kitchen clothes. Customers who have needs, please contact the following address...

Service on request: CONVENIENCE SAMPLE received to serve on request all customers with the number of orders from small to large uniforms. We are always dedicated, enthusiastic, attentive so you can choose to tailor your custom uniforms or the best available Spa outfits for your brand to shine ...

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