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1001 way thin cardigan in summer

With a variety of thin and light materials, you will be surprised to know that light cardigan shirts can be so useful on a summer day.

1001 way thin cardigan in summer

Referring to the cardigan, you will probably immediately remember the extremely familiar crowded item. However, that does not mean that this shirt cannot appear with summer outfits. 

Typically for cold rainy days, or when office ladies often sit in air-conditioned rooms, or even walk the streets on sunny weekends without wanting to go black ... a thin and light cardigan will It is trendy and extremely useful item. 

Today, listen to our little tips on how to match this shirt so that it is fashionable without being too "out of season"!

1. Dress

This "couple" is probably the formula most applied by many office ladies. If sleeveless or sleeveless dresses always make you a little "shiver" by sitting in a low-air-conditioned room, the cardigan is the item that just helps ensure warmth and adds fashion. great. 

Remember, for floral dresses, you should choose neutral color cardigan. Only when the dress is monochrome should you choose a colorful cardigan!

2. T-shirt + pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is not a strange item for the office lady. However, if you want to get rid of the boring look of the usual routine, the thin cardigan is the piece you are missing. 

In addition, due to the extremely thin summer cardigan material, mixing inside t-shirts instead of shirts will be a smart move to help you both feel comfortable and avoid causing stains inside.

3. T-shirt + skinny pants

For moving ladies in entertainment professions such as television, journalism or events, this is the perfect outfit to follow you to work. It both creates a dynamic comfortable feeling, while extremely "keeping shape" with the hug lines in a thin jacket or tight pants. 

Besides, color is also an issue you should pay attention to. To keep the elegant look, remember to choose smooth colors and no more than 3 colors for the whole!

4. Floral dress

During weekend walks with a romantic flower dress, the thin cardigan is the item you should bring in your bag. Because, in addition to the extremely harmonious harmony between these 2 vintage items, the cardigan shirt can also help you shade the sun effectively when outdoors. 

Remember, when you have eye-catching floral motifs as highlights, you should choose a monochrome cardigan to neutralize the set!

5. Maxi dress

Just like flower dresses, maxi dresses and cardigan can also be combined extremely well on comfortable weekends. This dress is even more favored by the ladies when she can both show her graceful, feminine look while effectively shading her feet!

6. Shorts

The next item also belongs to the "classic" of the summer, which is a young and cool shorts. You will be surprised that this "winter-summer" combination can be so harmonious. 

For the days to come to the office, you should choose shorts with cut fabrics and gentle neutral color cardigan. On the contrary, the holidays "pamper" the ladies more when they can be comfortable with bull shorts or funny cardigan motifs.

7. Bikini

Not only working in everyday sets, cardigan can also "transform" into an extremely smart cover-up shirt for a beach trip. 

That is because the thin and light nature of the shirt can both keep the cool look while possessing a smooth color gamut that is easy to pair with colorful bikini. So, don't forget to bring this multi-function shirt in your suitcase on your upcoming trip!

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