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3 ways to wear beautiful scarf for office people

Change the style of the scarf every day to work, although they are very simple, but it has a lot to do with the overall outfit.

3 ways to wear beautiful scarf for office people

1. Basic shawl style

The easiest way you can do with a scarf is to squeeze it over your neck and let go of the tie naturally. This generous and delicate scarf style will make you gentle and luxurious.

Since this is the most basic type of scarf, it is suitable for both wearing overcoat and casual t-shirt or sweater. 

However, if towels are too long, you should not mix them with short jackets. And for girls "short and light weight" should not use too long towels and choose this type of scarf.

2. Wrap a scarf many times

How to wrap the scarf by wrapping, squeezing a lot around the neck is very suitable for cold days. Depending on the layout, you can wrap the towel late or neatly folded. 

With a late scarf style, it will be an ideal choice for girls who love youthful, dynamic looks. The neatly folded style is suitable for blazers and blazers with a neck that is not too sophisticated.

You can use towels of all materials for this style. Modern girls will love rough towels printed with vivid patterns. Classic girls should choose thin silk graceful scarf. Romantic girls can choose embroidered chiffon scarf, warm cotton scarf.

Depending on the style of outfit and the variation when wrapping the scarf, you can become a trendy, modern girl ...

3. Impressive fastening buttons

Just a lovely knot and you can transform your favorite scarf in a completely different way. This simple yet quite special scarf tie style applies to towels made from soft, smooth materials. 

Avoid tying towels and woolen towels. Towel because they will look too sturdy, this will lose your femininity.

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