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Beautiful summer dresses for super hot days

Over the past few days, the word that everyone has to hear or utter most often is: "hot. Peak, somewhere has reached 40 degrees C - a temperature that rarely we've suffered all these years, so methods to cool down and avoid heat suddenly become more sought-after than ever, even though it's just the threshold of early summer.

Beautiful summer dresses for super hot days

In addition to measures such as being confined to the coolness of the air conditioner or traveling to the seas and highlands to avoid heat, one of the most effective and "economical" methods is choosing the right clothes.

Specifically for girls, choosing the right dress design and materials - one of the "exclusive" items of women - is a prerequisite to help you get a cool, comfortable look in the summer.

Cotton skirt

The most basic item for summer is cotton dresses. With the properties of soft, light, elastic, easy to absorb sweat; Cotton is the most ideal material in the summer. 

They are not fussy, too easy to wear, convenient in activities but still keep you the necessary fashion. In particular, the cotton dresses are not expensive - this is the best advantage - very suitable for the school girl's wallet.

Crank skirt

This is a not very strange item but every girl's wardrobe also owns at least a few. Although strapless dresses have the disadvantage of only really suitable for girls with slim shoulders and neat biceps, this item is not "disgraced". 

Very simply, you just need to wear a jacket outside, such as an oversized shirt or denim jacket. This detail not only helps conceal defects, but also adds to your style. Especially, for those who fear that the shoulder area or arm is affected by the sun, this is the best method.

2-wire skirt

Needless to say, every summer comes back, all the roads are filled with the figures of "2 strings". Simple, cool and light - what's better than a two-string dress in this hot summer

In particular, the 2-wire skirt also gives your girlfriend a more attractive and feminine look. In terms of materials, you can choose dresses with silk, chiffon, thin lace ... to be both comfortable, comfortable and feminine.

Skirt close to armpits

Any tight-fitting design will bring a sense of urgency to the summer wearer. And vice versa, plain skirts always "please" the wearer because of its characteristics. This dress also deserves extra points for being trendy. 

If you want to be more trendy, choose flapper dresses with summer motifs. This is a dress style suitable for parties, walking around with friends.

Skirt cut-out back

We all know, the back is easily "attacked" by the heat, leading to sweat and creating uncomfortable feelings when wearing dresses / shirts. Therefore, letting the back "free" is also an easy way to "cool down" for the summer. 

With cut-out dresses at the back, the girlfriend will feel the summer more comfortable than ever. Moreover, this detail also helps increase "sexy" and stylish. 

If you are afraid, you can choose the cut-out dresses at the back but covered with a thin layer of sheer. In particular, you should take good care of this skin area so that you can really comfortably wear a cut-out skirt.

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