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Change your style of style for the changing seasons

The first chilly breezes of autumn have arrived, meaning you need more than just a thin t-shirt or chiffon skirt down the street. However, do not rush to put away your light, fluttering summer clothes. 

Autumn in a tropical country like Vietnam does not have many obvious changes, so sometimes, just a few small changes will help you adapt to this weather.

Change your style of style for the changing seasons

1. Pillow-length skirt

Summer is the season of miniskirts and maxi skirts, but autumn is the time when knee-length skirts take the throne. Also because, in the cool weather of autumn, no one wants to look too sexy in a short skirt, but the maxi dress is too cumbersome and generous with the lightness of autumn. 

So, a pillow-length skirt is a good choice. Not only help "block the wind" for your legs, the pillow-length dresses also bring a very romantic and feminine beauty.

2. Missed shirt

If summer is the time when short-sleeved and armpit shirts are crowned, in the fall, casual shirts are the perfect choice for you. They help to bring an appearance that is both elegant, gentle but still extremely discreet against sudden winds. 

In the early autumn weather, choose shirts with chiffon and silk materials because they still help create certain coolness for you.

3. Long pants

Shorts and short skirts can still be worn in autumn weather, but they won't match with long pants. Fabric pants, ankle shorts or loose pants are the best suggestions for you to combine with a sleeveless shirt and blazer in the fall. 

Choose for yourself a pair of plain neutral pants if you are an absolute faithful office girl, or a patterned pants that stand out if you like to be creative and enjoy the experience. Who said long pants cannot be of any kind.

4. Thin Blazer / Cardigan

Referring to autumn fashion, we cannot help but mention thin blazers and cardigans. These two outfits are always the first choice to help you "cope" with the wind of the pig, but at the same time, they also bring a very "standard" elegance to the ladies. 

You can mix them with dresses, shirts are very beautiful and feminine, all you need to do is add them with the same color and texture to suit your destination.

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