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Every day I choose a dress

Every day a style, a look with a skirt that is not boring, right? Please refer to and choose according to your liking to have beautiful beveling for the whole week!


Every day I choose a dress

For the first office day of the week with a “mountain” of tasks and plans to deal with, a pencil pencil skirt with a simple shirt is the way to get off the whole week...

Choose high heels and hand-held pockets in the same color tone as the dress to help you cheat your height significantly.


A charming and graceful white chiffon dress helps you to score a perfect score in everyone's eyes. Choose a pair of lightweight nude pink heels and a pink handbag to make your dress more light and elegant.


Youthful and trendy floral dresses will help you energize your busy midweek days. With a floral dress like this, choosing accessories with neutral tones like beige, silver white will help you look better.


Sleeveless dresses are a very popular trend this summer day. A simple skirt design with tight upper body, slightly spread lower part and zippers running along the front body help you to enhance your skin and youthful figure. Handbag and sandal and contrasting black sunglasses would be a great suggestion for this dress.


Plaid skirt with skillful array coordination technique helps you become slimmer and slimmer.

A beautiful black lace dress with a belt of the same color can follow you from the office on a date or a walk.


With dating plans or having fun, it will become even more meaningful with a sexy strapless dress.

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