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Fashion for early summer outings

Summer is travel everywhere. This is a great opportunity to be dressed comfortably and freely when you are a "stranger" in a certain land, city or beach early summer.

Fashion for early summer outings

Floral dresses, floral blouses, or a lace sleeveless white shirt and pink skirt legs are sweet items for a romantic afternoon stroll on the long streets.

Mysterious girl

The evening party will be even more magical with the appearance of the "mysterious girl" in a black suit with lace mullet skirts and sexy sleeveless crop-top and stylish Block heel Ankle boots.

Skirts spread motifs

As for girls who want to roam along the beach listening to the waves, it can be a smooth dress or a skirt with a "basic" white shirt or a short sleeve flower shirt. Remember not to forget the papyrus bag, nan bag or cute and stylish small backpack with sunglasses.


The girl who does not want to be flattering in the dress can choose this light-toned outfit with a blouse, white capri pants. Black details that create accents such as belts, sandals, or contours around the mini backpack make the girl look elegant. The big shopping malls, or the cafes in the city are great meeting places for this set.

White necklace

Another option for an elegant girl is a tailored short, tight-fitting tank top with a sleeveless blazer. White bracelets and necklaces complement this elegant set.

Test the hot trend

For a little freshness, try a hot trend of “floral crown”. Along with spiked shorts, crop-top free size and cute pink "hincky boots" you become a girl that is both mischievous and romantic. Or "break through" compared to everyday style with bold shirts, acid jeans and cool hologram hats.

Trips to forests or mountains, highlands are places where the temperature is often low at night and early in the morning. During the day there are times when the weather is still chilly. 

Layering mapping is the best solution for you. A big size thin sweater or a light jacket over a skirt will be quite fine. You stay warm and can adapt as soon as the temperature rises by taking off your outerwear.

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