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Fashion plaid shirt to honor taller figure

For girls with a short body, choosing clothes like plaid shirts to look taller is absolutely essential.

Checkered shirt is a kind of outfit that is not only beautiful and youthful, but it also works to help your girlfriend look taller and tidy. Whether you are a short girl or not, a plaid shirt is still an indispensable outfit in your wardrobe.

Not only beautiful and youthful

Fashion plaid shirt to honor taller figure

If retro-style believers favor wide-legged trousers, flared-legged jeans are suitable for girls looking for modern looks. In addition to the familiar denim blue, you can also mix shirts and white pants for the summer.

Prioritize high-back design

For flared jeans, give priority to dark high back design if you want to "cheat" the height. In addition, you can update some flared pants to match your physique. A large plaid shirt helps you look taller while looking fuller and less slim. Mixing with white jeans in the same tone with stripes on the shirt creates a young, vibrant outfit.

With these plaid shirts, in addition to pairing with jeans, you can also mix with shorts or skirt to add a stretching effect to your legs. Tank top outerwear is a very stylish outfit combination for a plaid shirt. Striped tops with gentle patterns and youthful yellow colors help you add momentum and femininity.

Wide-legged pants feel comfortable

Plaid shirts and wide-legged pants are comfortable but don't lose their neat look. Prioritize the design of the shirt to fit and tuck in the pants to make the overall look tidier. A thin wire necklace, large glass and hand bag complete the elegant look.

With a classic touch and inspiration from school fashion (preppy), overalls help office girls "hack the age" significantly. When wearing a plaid shirt, monochrome dress or imprinted pattern is the right choice. Blue plaid motifs combine well with denim overalls. Meanwhile, artificial leather skirts bring a new and different look.

Who says guys are stiff, right?

If you want the plaid shirt to really work to make you look taller, tuck your shirt in your pants and choose clothes with details similar to your pants color for seamless and uniform

The shirt has many designs that can suit many different situations such as going to work, going out, etc ... Therefore, you are free to wear these shirts without worrying about whether it is suitable. Or not!

If you pursue menswear style, you can choose a shoulder padded blazer to match with a plaid shirt. Instead of choosing a monochrome jacket, refresh your work outfit with tartan, checkered shirt ... Harmonious colors are the key to conquer how to combine many patterns on the same whole.

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