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Four styles of sunglasses super hot fashion summer day

Summer has come and followed by hot, hot days. Perhaps in these days, besides accessories such as hats, sun protection shirts, gloves, ... 

sunglasses are one of the indispensable items when going out for every girlfriend because they are not only meaningful. fashion but also works to prevent harmful effects from ultraviolet rays, affecting the eyes and skin around the eyes.

Four styles of sunglasses super hot fashion summer day

Besides choosing a glasses with good features and high sun protection that depending on your taste and fashion style, the style of the glasses is just as important. And in the time when the summer fashion trends are massively "attacking", fancy sunglasses are also "making rain" in the young fashion-loving community.

However, following the trend is not necessarily beautiful fashion, but you also need to know how to apply and match trendy sunglasses with appropriate outfits.

Metal rimmed glass

This metal rimmed glass styles has a bit of retro style but is quite modern, eye-catching and suitable for girls who want to stand out and show their strong fashion personality. Therefore, the outfit that comes with this type of glasses should have a youthful, sexy style, but still has a retro personality.

You can choose for yourself a glamorous lace bra trophy but with the opposite style item, sweet color baggy pants. And to complete the set, don't forget a pair of high heels!

Round frame glasses

Quite famous for the young community who loves grunge or punk style, round rimmed glasses bring a fancy vintage style and a bit of rebellion in the way of eating. Therefore, round-frame glasses are especially suitable for personality sets from color accents and textures to layering and coordinating ring and ring accessories.

A sleeveless shirt combined with patterned shorts and lots of necklace layers will help the round-rimmed eyeglasses highlight its uniqueness.

Classic cheese glasses

As a precursor to cat-eye glasses, but more comfortable by round frames and easier to wear, classic glasses suitable for light, feminine, sweet sets. Instant dresses or skirts with soft, thin materials will be the "suitable" outfits with this type of eyewear.

Cat-eye glasses

With a retro feel and style from decades ago, Cat-eye glasses remind us of pop art style and that's why the fashion style that goes with this style of glasses should be broken by floating colors. turn on, impressively. If you want to take the risk and try your mix ability, why not experiment with color block style or choose a color that stands out as the center of your set?

The sleek yellow dress with a contrasting collar is particularly well-suited for this stylish eyewear.

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