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Good coordination with men's jeans for mischievous women

For girls who love the stylish fashion style, the way to wear and "mix" men's jeans with shirts and accessories below will give you a new image this summer.

Talking about comfort does not mean being too sloppy when you wear baggy men's jeans, pay attention to wearing a shirt that fits your body to avoid swimming in a shirt that makes you become a worker repair water pipes ".

Jeans style

Not all men's jeans are suitable for all shapes. This type of jeans is easy to wear and more suitable for people with a tall, slender body

You can't go to a men's jeans store to buy your own, each with a different physique and body. So you should only choose your own pants with the designs of the fashion designers for women.

Personality style and fitness

Simple to wear: with low-waisted men's jeans, rolled up, tube shape combined with a white shirt. Men's jeans are designed in a way such as: Grinding the thighs, scratching, or simply with light blue with no details. 

Yet when combined with a white shirt, a naturally loose T-shirt creates an attractive style for a girlfriend. More beautiful and graceful wearing a pair of pointed heels. This dress gives you a healthy and graceful beauty.

Wear monochrome with men's jeans

Choose a men's jeans shape with a ruffled hamster fur color combined with a t-shirt and a jacket of the same color. A convex hat and black shoes create a completely stylish outfit in monochrome. Adding accessories for jewelry such as a black quartz necklace or stone bracelet will liven up your outfit.

Youthful with mint green

Following the trend of summer color, mint green jeans are the choice of young girls. If you choose mint green jeans, your girlfriend can cleverly combine with a white shirt, a blue T-shirt, flat shoes ...

Youthful with torn male jeans combined with patterned shirts or colorful t-shirts to create youthfulness, bags, sandals ...

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