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How to combine fashion with yellow colors

In the diverse color palette of fashion followers, gold is considered one of the hardest colors to wear. The yellow color is not only "picky" but also requires the wearer to have sophisticated outfit combinations, to highlight the beauty of the color gamut, without being too flashy and brilliant.

How to combine fashion with yellow colors

Pastel yellow

A light pastel yellow cardigan, combined with a plaid shirt and jeans - this outfit is very reasonable, young, dynamic and simple, yet striking and stylish enough.

Two colors of yellow, one dark and one light, placed side by side, do not make the outfit "tangled", on the contrary, too elegant and delicate. Her outfit and accessories make the most of the different angles of the yellow color, and bring out a perfect beauty.

Vintage fashion

This combination is for girls who love vintage fashion inspiration. Pastel colors of sweaters and skirts bring you youthful and feminine.

Colorful skinny jeans have been "storming" on the "fashion map" of young people. Besides rosy, bordeaux red, turquoise or violet, yellow is also an ideal choice for active girls.

A well-cut dress is enough for a summer outfits afternoon walking, no need to combine many cumbersome outfits and accessories.

Mix with blue jeans

If pink and brown are a "perfect" couple, then yellow and blue are also a "perfect" couple, because of the harmony when combining these two colors. Stylish two-wire shirt, mixed with light blue jeans is a very "safe" combination for you.

And finally, don't forget to add to your little collection a pair of sexy, bold and stylish golden heels.

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