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How to combine good clothes with cow gilet

This summer, besides cool clothes such as T-shirts, croptops, t-shirts ... our teengirls will surely recognize the popular appearance of a quite special item that is not quite suitable for this weather. , it's a cow's gile.

How to combine good clothes with cow gilet

In fact, the jacket made of jeans and denim looks pretty cool on the surface, but in fact, it is not. 

Its hard, sharp fabric has poor heat-retaining effect, so when wearing it, it will create less hot, squashy feeling like many other felt and elastic materials. Therefore, it becomes a useful fashion item for all 4 seasons and can be transformed with many styles.

Personalize the dress

Your familiar girly dress will wear a different style outfit when paired with a cow gilet. This antagonistic mix, which is loved by many Kpop fans, creates a charming image that implicitly contains strength.

The waist-length gile will help you re-divide your body proportions to make your legs look longer ... One of the reasons why the cowile or denim jacket is so popular and useful is because of its denim blue color. easy to mix with most colors.

Blow style for monotonous outfits

If you are not satisfied with the combine of your rather dull items, you should try wearing a cow gile. This layer mix style works to increase the color and vibrancy of the wings. Set of black and white clothing with stylish black pants when adding a denim jacket.

Hide waist and hip blemishes

For girls with large waists or small hips, when tucked in with a pencil skirt, the imbalance between the 3 circles is often evident. At this time, a thin blazer or cow gile like the picture above will help you hide your ingenious weaknesses.

Combined with swimwear

Surely many girls have never thought of this benefit of sleeveless denim, right? This is definitely the ideal type of jacket in your travel suitcase. 

This shirt does not deteriorate when it is absorbed in water or makes your skin secret, so you can completely wear it while swimming. Its simple form is easy to wear with a variety of swimsuits.

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