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đồng phục văn phòng đẹp may theo yêu cầu số lượng sỉ lẻ

Instructions on how to match personality while still elegant with skort pants

Skort shorts are the item that can make you stand out more in any situation. Exploding a little while ago, the fake skirt was born based on the impromptu combination of dynamic shorts and the momentum of mini zip skirts.

Immediately, this unique design has captured the hearts of fashion followers and has a "dizzying" coverage on corner streets. 

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More specifically, with sharp and delicate cuts, this "dress" has also become a business item of many dynamic ladies. To properly apply the trend, today let's learn how to mix this unique item and item!

1. Smoked

Has the effect of almost like cut-cut shorts, fake skirt pants can be easily combined with the "classic" shirt of the office world. 

Even this item is more loved by ladies who are afraid of the masculinity of tailored shorts. In addition, when combined with the rather sophisticated diagonal bodice, you should only choose oversized shirts with simple smooth colors to create a balance for the set!

2. T-shirt

It would be a mistake to ignore the item known as the most "easygoing" in fashion - a comfortable and convenient T-shirt. In order to combine smooth profits with the amiable appearance of fake skirt pants, plain T-shirts are always a smart and eye-catching choice. 

However, if you still adore outstanding motifs, try choosing between luxurious lessons like leopard or baroque!

3. Blazer

In cold rainy days or often having to sit in air-conditioned rooms, blazers combined with fake dresses are the perfect formula to help the office girl fight the cold while ensuring absolute fashion. The only caveat between the whole set is the color issue. 

To create luxury, you should only limit the number of colors of the entire outfit below 3. In addition, for short girls, mixing the neutral color tree will help you "cheat" quite a bit. that's high!

4. Croptop

The last item is nothing more than a croptop that is "making rain" this summer. Different from the usual mischief, when paired with fake skirt pants, the croptop is simplified by fashion followers with extremely elegant and seductive monochrome colors. 

However, this generous "couple" is also recommended to wear only on comfortable weekends and "stay away" from your office building !

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