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Mix beautiful fresh autumn items with inexpensive summer items

This fall, you can fully take advantage of the summer items and mix with the collection set to own a fresh look but not expensive.

Mix beautiful fresh autumn items with inexpensive summer items

The new season does not mean that women will have to change and work hard to "update" a new wardrobe. 

There are many old items from last season that the girls can make full use of for a cool autumn. Just coordinating with coats, feet on a pair of boots are Spring / Summer items ready to accompany women through Autumn / Winter.

1. Lace skirt

No one can predict that this material from ancient times only used to make decorations like curtains, tablecloths has a day of sublimation like today. 

It is the open, half-open, half-open look of the lace that makes its owner attract the curiosity and imagination of those around.

Neat and feminine lace dresses can be used all year round, from Spring / Summer to Fall / Winter. This item is quite versatile, because just adding a jacket and ankle boots are the lace skirt that has transformed to match the autumn weather.

2. White pants

The soft, graceful white pants are the outstanding advantage that women cannot ignore this fashion. In autumn, when the weather is cool, these trendy white pants are even more popular when it comes to fashion that is both elegant, luxurious and suitable for the weather, especially when it is sleek pants. .

3. Skort

The exterior looks like a dress but is very convenient and easy to operate on the dynamic short, and the front is also designed as a pleated skirt - that's why skort is so popular. 

The combination of elegant, youthful, dynamic but equally feminine and trendy elements has made Skort keep the Top position in the list of items that women can "save" from the season. Spring / Summer to Fall / Winter.

4. Curry sauce

Checkered shirt is one of the favorite outfits for women. The reason is that this shirt is not only polite and elegant suitable for many different situations, but also very young, dynamic and does not make you feel old when wearing them. 

Not only that, plaid shirts can also be combined with many types of clothes in many different styles and especially can suit most people depending on the shape.

Caro is also a bold Autumn / Winter motif, so there is no reason for the shirts not to be arranged in the most conspicuous position in the women's wardrobe this season.

5. Circle Skirt

This is an A-shaped dress, with a slim waist and a fluttering, elegant and classic skirt. Circle dress was extremely popular in the 50's and in the present tense, it has returned to a trend and has creative variations: embroideries, sequins or lace ... with diverse materials. 

A feminine, graceful and nostalgic girl who loves the nostalgic beauty will not miss the item in autumn!

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