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Mix layering map to combine motifs for fall day

You can completely make the most casual mix recipes more interesting thanks to the combination of flexible textures and materials like the world's youth.

Mix layering map to combine motifs for fall day

Choosing for her casual and comfortable style, this set of clothes is still extremely stylish and stylish thanks to a multitude of small but expensive accents. 

For example, a crop-top shirt that has been "storming" all summer now has interesting cut lines, tiny printed baggy pants and a combination of accessories between textured eyeglasses. , beanie caps and ankle boots.

Also a crop-top shirt, but this girl chose for herself a basic white shirt to mix in a contrasting style. The femininity of the tiny heart-shaped skirt contrasts perfectly with the personality, dynamism of crop-top, denim jacket and sandal.

This friend has a pretty cute set, very suitable for school days. The combination of the beaded peter pan collar and the flared skirt legs, the leather backpack helps the girls get a cute but very "chic" school girl style thanks to the minimalistic white-black tones.

Add a suggestion for the girls you love the school girl style: mix shirts inside sweaters and combine with skirts. Don't forget to choose for yourself cute motifs like polka dots and sweater graphics!

Meanwhile, this girl has a personality outfit and is a bit punk rock with an oversized tank-top shirt mixed with tartan pants - hot trend of autumn fashion. And of course we can't help but mention big boots and stylish fedora hats.

It seems that the skort pants are still very popular with young people in the world. This girl chose to mix this item with a plaid shirt. The good combination helps her to have a very interesting and stylish outfit.

This sexy tight-fitting dress is blown into a new style by this friend when choosing a cute patterned dress and tank top, mixed with sneakers with pastel tones.

Peterpan collar blouse with chrysanthemum laser cut-out is perfect for this girl with a chiffon skirt. The perfect color scheme has helped this girl get a feminine and sweet set of clothes.

Meanwhile, this girl also uses a mixed style of contrasting: leather jacket with maxi skirt pattern. Using black as the main color has made her overall set more personal.

The sexy lace shirt now becomes stronger and more personality when combined with the blazer and Jordan sneakers. And the accessory chosen by her friend is the cap also contributes significantly to completing the style.

This girl combines a long-sleeved crop-top with a skirt, but the set is still equally attractive thanks to the harmony between red and blue tones and the use of hot autumn motifs as a checkerboard.

This guy is so masculine with a simple formula of mixing between T-shirts, denim jackets, chino pants and "fall-in" accessories such as suede shoes and beanie hats.

Quyen Mike used a mix of layering clothes between his jacket and long-form cardigan to add more emphasis to his casual set.

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