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Simple street coordination summer day but still "quality"

The casual and simple style is still very popular with young people in the world. However, in order to create a little more style for her ombre dress, this girl chose an interesting solution to tie a checkered shirt to emphasize the whole set.

Simple street coordination summer day but still

The formula for tank tops, shorts and sneakers is the basic formula for summer days. This set of clothes is both simple and comfortable but also trendy and trendy because this lady has very subtly chosen for her round-rimmed glasses, a flower ring and a leather backpack as accessories.


Maxi skirt is not only suitable for feminine girls but also for individual girls. This girl chose for herself a flexible maxi ombre, combined with a black corset strapless shirt, slender accessories to create a set that is both cool for the summer but equally attractive and fancy.

Breakthrough but still "in the framework" with two trendy navy-white tones and fancy items such as cut-out arm shirts, animal pattern shorts ...

Vans shoes

Feminine, sweet with a lace skirt and a lovely hat. But with only low-neck Vans shoes, this girl created a personality highlight for her set.

Choosing for herself a crop-top with overszied arms and mixed with patterned shorts, this girl has turned two basic black-and-white tones to become more personality and youthful.

Converse shoes

Continuing to be the trendy white-black color tone, she coordinated a strong armpit shirt with leather pants, Converse shoes and leather backpack. Besides, she also combined with a statement necklace to create an eye-catching highlight for the outfit.

Skirts are one of the must-have items for girls on a hot summer day. This girl has chosen for herself a dress with a unique back design next to the delicate floral background. The fancy design and accessories are ankle boots and small leather bags that make the whole set more attractive.


Bodysuit is a relatively out-of-the-box item, and with this eye pattern, this item becomes even more interesting. This girl mixes personality bodysuit with open-pocket shorts and impressive platform shoes.

Choosing for her casual style, but this girl doesn't look boring because she skillfully emphasizes the overall with small details such as graphic shirt, pockets of glittering patterns ...

Matchy matchy suits are the choice of trendy girls, and she chose nude color accessories to match with her eye-catching green-toned suit.

Mix with tank top

Shorts are probably an indispensable item in the boys' wardrobe on a summer day. This guy chose for himself an interesting palm tree pattern pants, mixed with a slogan printed three-hole shirt and completed the set with a trendy smoky leather shirt.

Also a shorts, but this guy chose outstanding coral shorts, mixed with basic items such as a white T-shirt and denim shirt, combined with a belt and white shoes with denim-colored lace.

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