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Streetwear of the young world

Active and energetic are two adjectives to describe this set. The white - black trend is still "storming" among fashion-loving young people and this girlfriend has chosen for herself an impressive graphic printed T-shirt, Converse shorts and shoes with these two trendy tones. to create a casual set of clothes...

Streetwear of the young world

Brilliant with a crop-top and maxi sheer skirt with an impressive golden tone. This girl cleverly chose accessories with minimalistic black tones to create the contrast between the two shades of gold and black.

Mixing is quite simple

This cream white tutu skirt brings a sweet, feminine style to her. The formula for mixing clothes is quite simple with phoongtism shirt, thin coat, but extremely effective.

If the trend of overalls is gradually showing signs of returning and you are still hesitant to test this trend, the overalls will be an easy to mix and easier to wear choice.

Perfect set

Lace dresses often have a trendy look and the way to make these sweet dresses more casual is to mix them with personality items. This girl mixes a chiffon lace dress with a team-style shirt, sandals and a lovely clutch - the perfect set for weekend outings.

This girl has an impressive mens streetwear-style set, but the highlight of the set is a very cool origami skirt! Indeed this is an "expensive" item, creating a highlight for the whole outfit.

Two tones of black and white and a lovely red beret

Once again we see petticoats, but this time it's with a leather variation. This girl exudes a very chic look of young French girls through two tones of black and white and a lovely red beret. Cat eye glasses and red lips are the striking details that complete this French set.

Choosing for herself a basic crop-top, this girl mixes with black and minimalistic items, sneakers, beanie hats to get a casual and impressive set.

The crop-top is orange

Also a crop-top, but she chose a prominent orange crop-top to combine with a unique floral bomber jacket. The slender high-heeled sandal becomes a feminine detail for this bold, personality-driven set.

The lemon-yellow lace dress not only made this girl stand out, but also very feminine and sweet. The accessories included are simple, with white tones so as not to confuse the set.

Sweet creamy white color

It is also a lace dress, but this girl's dress has a sweet creamy white color. Because the dress has a neutral tone, she chooses personality accessories with brown leather material to create contrasting points of style for the set.

Blazers can be completely applied in the boys' casual attire because they have a not too formal cut like a vest. This guy combines a plaid pattern with blazer with navy blue tones, light jeans and big personality watch accessories and Converse shoes.

White Docs shoes

Summer is coming and it is time for the boys to choose their cool photo-printed T-shirts to "mix and match". This outfit will be extremely simple without the white Docs shoes that contribute to a great highlight.

Also a picture-printed T-shirt, but this guy chose sandals and tote bag - two special items associated with the summer style. Besides, in addition to jeans and long khaki pants, the guys can choose shorts and shorts to "mix and match" in hot summer days.

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