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The beautiful skirt models for her have a modest round 3

Perfect round 3 is a prerequisite for your girlfriend to wear many beautiful outfits. But even if you do not have the standard measurements as the models, you still have the right to choose for yourself the appropriate and fashionable outfits...

The beautiful skirt models for her have a modest round 3

With a skirt, an item that is neither too difficult nor too easy to wear, a girlfriend with a modest round 3 should choose and mix how? Some simple skirt styles below can temporarily erase your self-esteem. You can still wear beautiful dresses even though 3 rounds are not too perfect. your. Let's choose the most suitable one!

1. Pleated/layered skirt

The name itself reveals what this item looks like. Pleated or layered skirt is perfectly suitable for those with a modest round 3 because it creates a certain volume and spread for your lower body, creating balance with the upper part. 

Pleated or layered dresses are quite youthful, so it should be noted that you should choose the length and color that is appropriate for each situation. If it's an office environment, choose colors that are deep, dark and pillow-length. If walking around, feel free to choose your favorite colors and can be as short or long as you want.

Choose pleated skirt legs and mix with a pullover or a beautiful shirt. This style will help your lower part a little thicker, conceal the defects of round 3. 

The layered skirt is an alternative to the familiar pleated skirt. You can choose a neat or slightly faded layered style depending on your preference. Besides choosing the style to conceal, it is also important to choose the right color and length for each situation.

2. Patterned Skirts

Patterns can choose very well visually. Let's apply this to the skirt. Choose skirt patterns with textures covering the fabric surface such as flowers, polka dots or stripes so that the opposite person can no longer recognize your body's flaws. 

In this hot summer, textured skirts mixed with light colored T-shirts or shirts are great suggestions. Vignette skirt can also be used with office girls if you want to be younger and new.

Vignette skirt selects the eyes of the opposite person. Your unbalanced third was gone in a moment. Mix floral skirt legs with a plain T-shirt or shirt to gracefully come to work. If you have an envious waistline, don't miss the high waistline skirts to show off your strengths!

3. Lace skirt

It is a fact that lace is only absolutely beautiful for slim people. Because lace clothes make you feel fuller and more plump. For girls with small breasts, choose a lace skirt to promote this effect.

Ren always makes the wearer become more rounded and fuller. Combine lace skirt with lace croptop to make a fashionable lace set. 

White lace skirt with clear holes suitable for hot summer days. Mixing with oversized t-shirts and flats is the perfect set to go down the street.

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