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Tips to help her "short legs" wear summer dresses

Just confidently with a little "tips" when coordinating, the girls with a modest height will still be as pretty as the "supermodels". 

For girls of modest height, skirts are probably one of the most discerning items when shopping. Because if you choose and mix incorrectly, you will "subtract" your height in the eyes of the opposite person or reveal the defect of your attractive legs.

Choose the length of the skirt

Tips to help her "short legs" wear summer dresses

If you are not tall, the first thing to pay attention to is the length of the dress. The safest length for you is half-thigh because these skirts when paired with heels will have a visual deception effect, making you look taller. 

Most interestingly, long tunic can be transformed into short skirts. However, when wearing the tunic into a skirt, do not forget to wear a short shorts inside to comfortably operate!

Cover large leg defects

Big and muscular legs are probably one of the biggest concerns of most girls with modest height. However, clothes are like makeup, they are responsible for enhancing the beauty of the wearer, helping to conceal defects on the body. 

If you are insecure because of your big legs, the easiest way is to wear black socks and mix with the same high-heeled shoes or ankle boots. The effect between one-color socks and high heels will deceive the opposite person's vision, creating a feeling of longer and slimmer legs.

In the summer, the weather is somewhat hotter so it may be difficult for girls to wear socks and skirts. Although you can opt for the thinner sock, however, the most effective solution is the nude colored ankle boots and boots. Shoes that are tall and have a similar tone to your skin tone will make the person feel like you've added an inch!

1. Feminine and personality

The contrast between two feminine styles and personality always has the ability to attract the eyes of the opposite person. 

The lovely lace tunic is probably too familiar with the mix with high heels, clutches or other gentle items. However, with only the highlight of a unique pair of combat boots, the tunic has brought a new style.

Combat boots also often make girls afraid because if they are too high, they will make your legs feel short. This is the reason why the tunic mix with shorts will have a more suitable length.

2. Sweet with A dress

Don't be quick to think that since you have a modest height and a chubby appearance, you can't wear A-shaped dresses that puff easily. 

A dress of moderate length mixed with high heels to increase height will not feel like the dress is "swallowing" your body. Also, limiting the use of the statement accessory will make you look more elegant.

3. Contrast between the lengths

Long-form cardigan shirts are probably considered "privileges" for tall girls. However, the contrast is always the attraction. 

If you are not tall, choose a short dress or a tunic to mix with a long cardigan. Of course, don't forget about high heeled ankle boots or boots to increase your height. Do not be harsh and force yourself into a role model just for the height!

4. Playfully floral motifs

Floral motifs always create a youthful, elegant feel for the wearer. Here, the dress item is chosen quite specially because it is both a romper with short shorts inside but "fake skirt" that makes the wearer feel safer when wearing a short skirt. 

Mix with simple sandals, fedora hat and leather bag, you have a set of clothes to hang out during the holidays.

Indeed, fashion is a walk not just for anyone. Regardless of your physique, you have the freedom to pursue the style you love. Therefore, do not hesitate to express yourself as well as your own fashion personality.

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