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Trendy Lion with an orange color

Orange helps Lion to stand out all the time like the sun, lion's planet. Ruled by the sun, the planet symbolizing the supreme principles, the Lion fuses with the color of the sun - orange. It will give you the charisma of a leader, like the position of the sun with other planets.

Trendy Lion with an orange color

Delicate and outstanding enough to use

Always wanting to be the center of attention, Lions like bright or dark clothes, especially colors related to kings such as purple, red, and yellow ... All these colors bring luck to the Master. 

Death. You are also not afraid to express your personality through the "dazzling" neol colors or the color block style. And yes, you handle these colors perfectly, being both subtle and striking enough to use.

Lions are most palatable with faded pastel colors. It is not suitable for the personality, people, even unable to show the "quality" in the Lion.

The Lion is the best dressed in metallic outfits

Possessing the aura of a proud regal, the Lion is the best-dressed in metallic outfit, and the metallic color, especially the golden, royal, and noble.

Show your fashion style

In any matter, the Lion wants to be the leader, even in fashion. And you are not afraid to tell everyone about your fashion gout.

Lion has a delicate aesthetic gout

Although it can quickly grasp hot trends, you don't like to follow it. Lion has delicate aesthetic gout and expensive items from famous brands. As a shopping addict, Su Tu is only really fascinated with items that you consider "worthy" such as limited edition or custom designed products.

The way Lion shows off and impresses others

To a generous Lion, expensive means "chopped up". You would rather spend money buying a beautiful, unique, quality item than buying dozens of other ordinary items. And that is also how the Lion shows and impress others.

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