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What to wear when ... "bad mood"?

When the mood goes down, fashion is a magic miracle that helps you get inspired in your life again. Saying goodbye to a relationship often makes it easier for women to fall into depression, lose their way with small matters. Getting trapped in mental matters often makes your outer charisma less sharp.

What to wear when

Dress up and enjoy

It is not advisable for those girls who always know how to balance themselves to continue their charming single journey and be the focus of the boys.

This is advice for ladies who have just stepped out of an unhappy relationship: Dress up and enjoy life like never before. Not only will it help you to continue to maintain the image of a beautiful glamor, but it can also drive the person who broke up with you to think: She is okay even without her life. .


A beautiful dress always makes a girl more feminine and sweet like summer fruit. The dresses also often make you feel more comfortable, lighter than the usual clothing and T-shirt sets. You can choose from trendy dresses such as midi skirts, textured maxi skirts, plain colors ... Or dresses with glamorous cut-out, tight bodycones that show sexy curves body flu.

Whatever your choice, keep in mind that dresses are also the very beauty of women's fashion, do not ignore them just because you are exasperating for a past love.

 When wearing a dress, do not forget to add more modifications with small and moderate accessories such as bags, clutches, bracelets, necklaces ...


Different colored blocks can reflect your mood in different tones. The deep colors are usually for introverted girls who are quiet and love simplicity. While the bright and bright colors are for the emotions that are bright and easily bring you more feelings of love. 

Therefore, you must already know which colors you should choose for your lovely dresses: In this autumn weather, you can choose gentle colors like pink, orange, mint green, and yellow. mustard...

Polka dot motifs

Of course, the "mysterious" black color can still work now if you know how to choose attractive, simple and luxurious items.

Besides, motifs are also a good suggestion to make the soul brighter. Choose for yourself feminine motifs such as flowers, polka dots to add a gentle, graceful look to your appearance, while at the same time making you more comfortable and happier when wearing them on your body.

Material / Style

It is not too difficult to realize that, with what you design and the colors you will choose, the materials that make those costumes also need the necessary lightness and grace. 

You can immediately think of the materials that are the trend of this year's fashion season such as lace, chiffon, chiffon ... that are very feminine, pretty and gentle materials suitable for the set of clothes. you will choose.

In addition, you can also "reward yourself" for a few days wearing outfits with elaborate designs. Cut-out, bows, lace ... are all ideal suggestions to turn you into a beautiful doll. When the mood is sad, let's make fun of making yourself "splendidly beautiful".

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