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How to coordinate beautiful graphics youthful

With fashion combinations with patterned outfits, you will have a youthful and outstanding style...

How to coordinate beautiful graphics youthful

1. Mix textures from the same color family

To make the motifs blend together without distracting, choose for them one thing in common: they color. You can choose multiple motifs on the same outfit but it will be much easier if they have a common color tone: brown, purple, pink ... to create the foundation, making the outfit unobtrusive.

2. Mix small vignettes

Some small patterns such as flower patterns, small polka dots, thin lines ... are not too bold, clear, easily "fool" the eyes to see that they are just a single color and do not cause "noise" for eye. 

With clothes with small, thin motifs like this, you can be more confident when mixing more impressive motifs.

3. Mix textures that support each other

According to fashion experts, the motifs that support each other are: plaid and flower, plaid and polka dots, leopard and plaid or leopard skin and polka dots.

4. Mix too similar textures

Do not wear the same pattern from head to toe or choose designs that are too similar, easily boring. Let's change an element on two outfits with the same pattern as in the case of Rihanna: yellow leopard shirt, red leopard skirt to create an impressive highlight.

5. Mix with accessories

If you are not confident with mixing a pattern on a shirt with a skirt or pants, you can make it simpler by mixing the pattern on the outfit with accessories such as a shoe, a bag or a scarf.

6. Add intermediate colors

To be able to mix more than 2 patterns on the outfit, never forget to "soften" with a neutral outfit or accessories such as white, gray, beige ... These neutral colors with gentle tones help the outfit. textures are not tangled and they can be distinguished more clearly.

7. Mix motifs of different densities, sizes

If you have chosen a shirt with dense patterns, you should not choose a pair of pants with the same texture density. Find ways to mix costumes and accessories with patterns of different colors, sizes and thickness.

8. Be careful when mixing more than 2 motifs

Outfits with 3 or more patterns are especially easy to confuse the eyes and turn you into a chameleon. So, if you are still "non-hands" in mixing, you should not try to mix like that on the street or to the office!

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