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Beautiful summer dress with gentle blue tones, beautiful, outstanding and stylish office clothes

This color gamut helps to enhance the physique and white skin of the wearer, and is also suitable for creating fashion products such as skirts, shirts, pants to beauty accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, Footwear...

Beautiful summer dress with gentle blue tones, beautiful, outstanding and stylish office clothes

Summer is a great time for girls to buy themselves a stylish blue dress or a convenient shirt. Girlfriends who love long skirts can choose a skirt with accent design on the sleeve, waist or bow tie.

Possessing slim legs and a low figure with a cool blue shirt and a short skirt or shorts is the outfit for you. For trendy girls, summer accessories such as long necklaces, earrings or blue-toned bracelets also help you to be more fashionable and intimate.

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Office outfits are usually in neutral colors with an elegant, polite style, but sometimes they make you too rigid. So, cleverly combine more prominent colors such as orange, red, pink, blue or neon according to the current trend to highlight the outfit.

However, you should also pay attention to how to combine colors if you do not want yourself to be turned into a decorative pine tree.

Normally, you should only choose a shirt or pants with striking colors combined with neutral colors of the rest such as shoes, bags to keep yourself luxurious and elegant in the office.

Incorporate more vignettes

Costumes with large textures, stripes, polka dots or geometric patterns ... are one of the very popular trends in recent times. Try mixing outfits with these patterned graphics if you want to become more prominent and trendy.

Just combine a patterned shirt with a monochrome pencil skirt or vice versa, you can be completely confident in the office with a stylish and eye-catching look.

Wear lace clothing

The outfit is designed on lace material to give you femininity and sexy, but many people believe that it is not suitable for the office environment. However, as long as you combine skillfully with other outfits, it will become something that makes you really fashionable and luxurious.

You shouldn't bargain with a lace outfit for work, but if you combine a spread shirt with a pencil skirt or a dark shirt with a lace skirt in a neutral color, you really can be. office fashionista already.

Use tweed items

Tailor made up fabrics often give you a chic look, but many people think they can make you older than you are. However, combining a tweed gown with feminine office dresses, you will easily own a classic yet elegant fashion style.

Classic shoes

Shoes are one of the important items to express your fashion sense and help you assert your style. However, not everyone has the conditions to own many types of shoes to be able to combine with different outfits.

Because of this, you should choose shoes with classic designs, neutral colors such as beige, black, white ... to easily combine with a variety of costumes.

Use large jewelry

The large gold-plated jewelry has been loved by many fashionistas recently. You can use large necklaces or bracelets in combination with a simple shirt to enhance your fashion style.

Hand bag

Choosing a work bag to suit your work requirements and enhance your fashion style is not a simple thing.

Women often have a lot of personal items to carry, but an oversized bag makes them feel messy and out of shape. Therefore, invest in a good quality bag with a simple design that easily combines many styles, helping you to perfect your style.

Make up

Makeup can be one of the most important and indispensable steps before going to work for many girls. However, you should note that light, natural makeup is always the top priority.

Instead of making your face unnatural by many layers of makeup powder, just applying mascara and lipstick with bright colors like pink, orange, chery red, you have become extremely beautiful and seductive. If you want to use eye color, you should only use neutral colors like beige, light brown ...

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