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The secret to color combinations for costumes

Have you ever been teased by someone for your outfit? They said, “Oh, your dress colors are conflicting! ". This article will help you with the secret of color matching in outfits to have a young, stylish fashion style.

The secret to color combinations for costumes

1. Use only 1 and two colors in your outfit

If you have a pink shirt and black leggings to wear a jean skirt, you should probably only use pink and black as the two main colors of your outfit. Even the accessories need to match the outfit such as: pink headband, black earrings or shoes and the best matching nail polish is the same color as the clothes and clothes. . However, you note, when matching colors, items need a balance to create the harmony of the outfit, avoid being biased towards one color that will not react best as bright colors like pink.

2. The color should be suitable for your skin

If you have light skin, you will have the opportunity to experience with many colors without fear of "country", but white skin will be very suitable for gentle colors and blacks to create features. delicate for your physique. If your skin tone is darker it will be difficult to match tones but it is better to choose red, black, dark blue, black and purple.

3. Accessories should be "mostly" the lightest color

Headbands and bangles you should choose bright colors if your main color theme like choosing the first item is black, you should match the colors of shoes, earrings and nail polish. .

4. Jeans jacket and short skirt

As the two main items in your outfit, you want to be more perfect, you should choose the color matching your body, skin according to the color scheme above.

5. Different eye shadow and makeup tone the same color as the outfit

For example, if you have a light purple and brown outfit, use light purple eyeshadow and brown mascara.

6. Place the colors side by side to choose from

You should put the colors in the outfit you choose together to see which colors match and catch the best eye, then you should choose a combination so that you do not lose color or conflict.

- Should choose hot colors together if you are a girl who loves personality and strength such as: Red, orange; And contrasting it are colors that cool together like: blue-white

- Do not use many opposite colors in the same outfit, it will easily lead to conflicts.

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