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3 secrets of wearing loose, yet neat and attractive

The following three expensive tips will help you feel secure oversized comfortably without worrying about "losing shape". In addition to sexy tight-fitting items, spacious outfits also have great charm for women. 

That's because besides being comfortable, they also give ladies a modern, dynamic look that not all bodywear can do...

3 secrets of wearing loose, yet neat and attractive

However, many women are always afraid that these oversized baggy pants or shirts can make them become messy, lose their shape or even ... dwarf mushrooms. And if that is also your problem, let's listen to extremely helpful advice below!

1. Use only 1 oversized item

The first trick is to recommend not hugging too many loose items in the same set. Because it gives you absolute comfort, but completely conceals the curves of the female advantage. 

Therefore, if you have used an oversized shirt, neutralize it with skinny skinny pants, short shorts or a pencil skirt. Conversely, if you are a fan of dusty baggy pants, then a tight T-shirt will be a perfect and reasonable choice.

2. Press light with feminine detail

It can be said that oversized items often bring personality to the wearer. Therefore, smart girls will know how to neutralize that trait by adding feminine items to bring back the necessary sexiness.

Therefore, you will get significant style points if you learn to wear over-knee boots with plain skirts, floral skirt legs and loose sweaters or simply sandals paired with dusty baggy pants...

3. Press waistline

For women, especially small girls, wearing oversized items is sometimes quite "risky" because it can erase all curves that make you become rough. So, the next great move reminds you to cleverly press round 2 with small details such as a neat belt or a t-shirt in high-waist pants to balance your figure and create longer legs.

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