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5 ways to coordinate beautiful with flower dresses

Weekends are a time to have fun with friends and family. Which style would you choose if you own a beautiful flower skirt? Take off the formal office outfits to transform into a sweet, seductive girl to party with friends and loved ones this weekend. 

In the autumn of August, the sunshine has let loose in the corner of the street. It is not cold yet, so this is a great opportunity for you to "try on" the beautiful flower skirt before folding it and storing it deep in the drawer.

5 ways to coordinate beautiful with flower dresses

1. For "sexy lady"

Girls who love the sweet style can refer to this style. Beautiful floral skirt combined with bright red two-wire croptop show off her slim waist and smooth white skin. 

Accompanying it is a handbag and heels with the same color tone for a radiant and extremely outstanding look. Style is very suitable for you to join a dinner party with friends, attend a birthday party.

2. For her love doll shoes

With calf pen shoes, you will not have the graceful grace as when wearing high heels, in exchange for the style of her shoes, allowing you to move freely and emphasize cuteness. 

Combine pastel green doll shoes with bare sleeve shirts of the same color, pretty flower legs, bracelets and autumn highlights with sunny handbags - you have a youthful style that still exudes elegance and gentleness to Date, hang out with friends or join intimate family meals.

3. Coordinate "right way" denim addict girl

Feminine floral skirt combined with soft bare-sleeved denim shirt can create a stylish, modern and extremely attractive personality. The problem is how you will use your ingenuity when choosing lipstick colors and accessories. 

If you accidentally choose the wrong handbag, shoes or even ... earrings, the "quality" that you create in front of everyone's eyes may collapse in an instant.

4. For romantic girls who like pastel colors

If you find yourself in love with the feminine, gentle and soothing look, you can look at this mix. Floral skirt with pastel blue T-shirt, flats of the same color tone, romantic brown fashion glasses and a highlight for the style with plum red handbag. 

The outfits can help you confidently appear in many situations: a coffee date with a guy, shopping with a best girlfriend or joining a social party organized by the company.

5. "Rejuvenate" style with pullover

Choosing a sleeveless shirt or with words - elegant texture, is simply a smart choice for the girl who wants to "níu teen". 

Instead of choosing high heels or girly doll shoes, a unique high-heeled sansal will help you complete your style. Also, be sure to choose a drawstring backpack, beaded bracelet, and pink lipstick to add extra flair.

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