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Dynamic short on rainy day

The rain makes you lazy to take care of yourself because you are afraid of being wet and dirty, short is the salvation for you in these gloomy days. Long, wet days make many people feel lazy because they are afraid of ruining their beautiful outfits. 

However, with a little attention you will still be able to style even in this unpleasant weather...

Dynamic short on rainy day

Instead of long pants or skirts, short jeans are the number one choice to take full advantage of in rainy days. Convenience, comfort, neatness, no worry about wet pants are the benefits that this "easygoing" item brings.

Dressed with a long-sleeved shirt

Persistent rainy days cause temperatures to drop significantly and somewhat chilly at night. However, it is not cold enough to wear a cardigan or blazer. The most appropriate options at this time are long-sleeved shirts or low-sleeved shirts.

Short and shirt, elegant, stylish yet neat and well-groomed. Or pull out a pull-out shirt for a playful, dust-free style.

Denim on denim

Denim on denim is a great recipe on rainy days. If you do not like long-sleeved denim shirts you can choose a three-hole denim jacket over a short-sleeved T-shirt. This mix formula is simple but extremely effective, helping you get a healthy, personality look.

Style is very suitable for individual girls. Wear a denim over the tank top for a strong, dynamic look.

Outstanding color

People often reminded that it was raining, so they should wear dark clothes to reduce dirt. However, the persistent rains have made things gloomy, it's better if you blow a little color into the space with eye-catching patterns. And your rainy day will become more brilliant.

Floral shorts or polka dots are the highlight of the gloomy day. Color helps to dislodge gloom.

Bread shoes or flats

Floating high heels are not a smart choice for a rainy day. If you do not want to "fall well" on the wet and slippery rain, you should wear a pair of shoes or flats.

And the "dwarf mushrooms" can take advantage of the extremely hot bread crust. Flat soles help you maintain stable mobility, while avoiding dirty water. However, you should choose shoes that are waterproof if you do not want your feet to be soaked in rain for a long time. It will be a disaster!

Flat shoes help you avoid the rainy day "grabbing frogs". Or very cute bread sole shoes and still easy to move.

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