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Gentle autumn-winter streetwear fashion with pastel colors

Pastel colors will be a subtle and harmonious breakthrough in the peaceful autumn day picture. Wearing pastel-colored outfits down the street this season is the "hot trend" of European youth. Let's see how they "mix and match" the pastel color trend.

Gentle autumn-winter streetwear fashion with pastel colors

Little dress blue chalk

With a dark brown complexion, she opted for a chalk blue little dress with punctured calf flanges and a beige khaki roll-up jacket. To complete her `` pastel on pastel '' outfit, she wears a pair of smoky gray pointed heels.

Lovely highlight

A very cute and youthful style with a heart-necked white chiffon shirt with half-plunging sleeves and a miniskirt pink skirt in chiffon material. 

Lovely highlight is on the ton-sur-ton waist-length white belt with the color of the shirt and a heart-shaped mini bag. Add a pair of T-strap (high-heel sandals with T-shaped straps) attached to the stone for even more lovely.

To not be monotonous

White tanktop with lace pattern with very light flower pattern. In order not to be monotonous, she combined with a grid cardigan jacket and a pair of chunky heel (high-heeled shoes with large square heels) with white tones.

Sailor style

A set of clothes is mixed simply but still very beautiful with a white sailor-style mini tank dress with a stylized two-layer lotus leaf collar, harmoniously combining pale pink and light blue tones with a pair of beige-pointed, low-heeled heels.

Classic lady style with two-layer cocktail dress with puff sleeves and heart neck, light yellow color of dress and white flower pattern is very harmonious with chiffon socks and mint-silver Mary Janes shoes.

T-shirt rolled up

The delicate combination of the outfit brings a gentle and romantic beauty to the wearer. Very discreet and cute with a sleeveless purple roll-up T-shirt and a beige milky chiffon skirt. Subtle highlights are in the floral details floating on the skirt body and wavy skirt legs. 

Low-neck lace socks with light pink ankle strap (high-heeled shoes with ankle strap and thick front sole) are also lovely accessories that add to the femininity of the wearer.

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