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Nice coordination with sandal for her big legs

Summer is the season for the throne of sandals. But this handy, trendy item is a challenge for girls with "giant" feet or feet.

Summer, the season of sandal, high-heeled shoes, a season of pretty shoes showing off white feet in the summer sun. However, the sandals are considered "engraved" of girls with not very slender feet or legs.

Nice coordination with sandal for her big legs

The basic design of the sandal not only does not improve the inherent defects of the "elephant legs" but also emphasizes this point. 

Many people try to find ways, use very tight shoes to cover their feet but do not know, just be a little skillful when choosing shoes, you can completely confidently wear sandals even though you have feet. oversized

Below, let's refer to some special sandal options compatible with "elephant feet", as well as a few interesting mixes suitable for these sandals.

Sandal has a spearhead

The first secret to having a more "cheating" pair of feet thanks to the sandal is to choose sandal with pointed points. This pointy part has lengthened as well as "shrink" your legs. 

This sandal style is also fashionable this year. Try mixing these stylish sandals with a white tone shirt and pastel pants ...

Simple with T-shirt

Or mix with jumpsuit. For extra prominence, metal nose sandals with nude tones will make your set very eye-catching. Even if you mix simply with T-shirt, skinny pants and pointed sandals ... you still look confident, active and your legs are somewhat "slimmer".

In addition, it should be noted that should stay away from the T-strap sandal on the ankle because this detail will make your legs "develop" more in width. Instead, look for a cross-strap sandal.

Delicate and feminine

Sandal cross-straps with color tones with skinny pants are also an effective way to "stretch" the legs. Or just "hide legs" with a sleek maxi dress, while raising the height with a pair of handy canoe sandal. Delicate and feminine with two stylish flats. In it, choose a pair of colored sandals with the main color of the outfit.

Choosing dark-colored sandals and minimalist-toned outfits (only 2-3 colors) are a convenient "weight loss" measure. Don't be afraid of vibrant summer colors like cobalt green, green, yellow, and deep pink ... The heels are also important. If you choose a flare skirt, then the best solution is a pair of thin heel sandals and crossed straps.

Adorn more subtleties

If the soles are rough, a bit big, it is important to note the "offset" principle, which means that only tight skirts should be worn. Add a subtle, fashionable look to the overall outfit with the color sandal straps with the color of the skirt / shirt. 

Not only binding on feminine style, sandal is also suitable for dynamic summer day style. Just a shirt, shorts and sandals with two black-and-white tones, you have a set suitable for school, work, outings ...

Liberal summer day with a pair of tank-top cut armpit, shorts and sandals with cross straps. This is a reasonable choice for a mobile girl.

With a bikini outfit

If you "save" the colors on your outfit, do not be afraid to turn the sandal into the main highlight. To do this, just need the thin strapless sandals with colorful, attractive, you will be successful! 

For bikini outfits, choose a sandal with transparent straps. You look like you are walking gently in the air, flexible and extremely seductive.

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