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Simple plaid t-shirt but no mode error

The charm of a sailor plaid shirt is comparable to that of luxurious black dresses or elegant shirts. Having a history older than the black dress, a sailor T-shirt was also born thanks to the multi-talented sculpted hands of legendary designer Coco Chanel in 1917.

Simple plaid t-shirt but no mode error

Black plaid t-shirt

Inspired by the costumes of French sailors, the clear black plaid t-shirt quickly became a trendy symbol of the bourgeoisie during the pre-Riviera war years. And when fashion icons like Marilyn Moonroe, Anudrey Hepburn choose to wear, they become more popular and loved more and more.

Born nearly 100 years ago, but the sailor's plaid shirt still persists with the history of fashion. No trendy design, no eye-catching motifs, just a T-shirt, round neck, sleek shape with small black and white lines, but one of the clothes in the wardrobe What fashionista period in the world.

Sailor plaid T-shirt

So, girls who are passionate about fashion, don't forget to buy yourself a sailor-plaid T-shirt to be able to wear it from summer to winter:

A simple sailor plaid T-shirt is a great street outfit. You can pair them up with youthful and dusty jeans. And a little feminine with floral motifs like this pretty girl.

Wide-legged pants

With wide-legged pants, she can confidently come to work with very trendy ears. Impromptuly with the lapel pulls high on the waist to show off personality. Miranda Kerr only with jeans, plaid t-shirt but also very attractive.

Feminine skirt style

Miranda Kerr only with jeans, plaid t-shirt but also very attractive. This dynamic shirt can be easily combined with girly skirt styles. A long-legged girl with a combination of a plaid T-shirt with a very fancy maxi skirt.

Navy blue

Navy blue outfit is very elegant. The sailor T-shirt is a very 'easygoing' item, you can pair it with a variety of different outfits. Dynamic, liberal style with a T-shirt proves that you are a very trendy girl.

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