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Suggestions how to mix beautiful furniture to "increase" the modest height

Suggestions how to mix beautiful furniture to "increase" the modest height... Combining the right principles, you will definitely "increase" a lot of modest height.

Suggestions how to mix beautiful furniture to "increase" the modest height

Should: Skirts or high-waist pants

Pants or high-waisted skirts are both effective in "stretching legs", combined with high heels, you can erase the "dwarf mushroom" image in the eyes of your friends. 

Instead of just feeling guilty with long legs, not daring to wear fancy dresses or shorts, you should think again, "showing off your legs to the fullest" is also a very good way to make your legs longer.

Do not: Dress layers are cumbersome, cluttered

Multi-layer, multi-color is not a smart choice for dwarf girl. Wearing layers of clothes makes you look "chubby" more and a bit shorter in height.

So even if you love personality layer styles, you should also avoid wearing to fix the height.

Should: Badger shirt, crop top

This year's trend is for you! The croptop shirt has just shown off the slim waist, and helps the girls cover the disadvantage of "short back long legs". The effect is doubled when paired with high-waisted pants or skirts.

Don't: Wide-legged pants, shorts

This type of pants absolutely should not be in the wardrobe of a short-legged girl. The baggy pants will only shorten your legs and lose the balance of your body.

Should: Dress in monochrome

A colorful outfit will be the better off your physique, so the smartest option is a monochrome outfit. You can accentuate a style with a shirt of different colors with the same skirt / pants and shoes.

Do not: Shoe soles, flatforms.

The soles of the canoes with large soles make your body less elegant and not up to your figure. On the contrary, pointed heels will make your steps much more flexible and rhythmic.

Give up canoe shoes ... instead, go for sleek designer shoes with pointed heels.

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