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Suggestions to help her "chubby" dress more confidently

"Easy weight gain, difficult weight loss" is a headache that girls always encounter. Diet, exercise and weight loss need persistence and a long time to get results, so the solution to slim body immediately is the ingenuity when choosing outfits. 

A few tips to choose a dress below will help chubby girlfriend "lose weight" fast.

Suggestions to help her "chubby" dress more confidently


Dark colors are always the first choice of "chubby" friends because it has the effect of hiding your body, you look smaller and also bring your own mystery and personality. 

If you are afraid of monotonous dark colors, you can add other highlights such as belt, skirt hem, hand line .... very beautiful and elegant.

Dress design to deceive the eyes

These psychedelic dresses are always worthy of a real treasure for women. With the psychedelic techniques on the body of the dress being delicate cuts, the wearer is "overweight" girls will be noticeably smaller without any effort. In addition, the vertical striped dresses also make people around it feel thinner.

Body dresses with belt accents

These designs will help the wearer to be slimmer thanks to the accent of the belt, if the skirt is completely smooth or tight without a belt, it will reveal the wearer's fat belly.

Smooth shirt combined with skirt legs

This is the perfect combination for girls with a normal body but overly "fertile" belly. With this outfit, the people around you do not know that you have a "bread" waistline.

Body skirt skirt spread

With the design of a skirt with pleated, wide pleated skirt and legs will help the girlfriend cover the disadvantages of "super three", not only this style of dress also makes her feel comfortable and cool in hot summer.

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