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What to wear when cycling?

About more than 60 years ago, the image of the elegant "country girl" Audrey Hepburn with a sunny smile, dressed in elegant clothes, gliding on a peaceful car covered all the media and imprinted. bold in human heart. That seemingly simple moment has entered fashion history. 

It depicts a true style symbol: A natural-loving lady, radiant charisma and elegance emanating from the essence.

What to wear when cycling?

Vintage gentle

She did not need anything, from expensive vehicles, sparkling jewelry, or dressings ... Only with gentle vintage-sounding clothes like autumn sun and simple bicycle, that's a statue Immortal fashion station was born.

With the flow of time, despite the development of technology, the idyllic bicycle is less popular, but still accompanies people on every street and street corner. 

Then in the recent period, when nostalgia for vintage beauty has come back, fashionista followers eagerly return to the fashion of cycling, traveling with the iron horse in the wind.

Get inspired

Cycling is not only poetic, but also a civilized, safe and environmentally friendly way of transport. Bicycles today have many changes to light, faster speed and along with that, their design is also extremely rich and very fashionable.

Midi skirt

With so many advantages, bicycles are increasingly popular with fashionista and many stars. They spoiled for experimenting with different styles of dress to mix stylish with familiar bikes. 

From princess Taylor Swift classic flower midi dress riding an elegant black bicycle to "8th wonder of the world" Kelly Brook dances her short skirt with a lovely sedge basket ... All created into an extremely peaceful and gentle style painting.

Surely, after admiring the image of the world ladies infatuated with the cycling trend below, you will also find it hard to ignore this charismatic "wearing nice bike" movement!

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