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7 tips to coordinate beautiful rhythm for pregnant women

Just a little sophistication in the way of choosing clothes, you will still be a fashionable pregnant, and you can get out of the shadow of "non-mobile" immediately.

7 tips to coordinate beautiful rhythm for pregnant women

For women, motherhood is always the most sacred thing in everyone's life. That is also the reason why many women ignore most of the other factors to focus on the life that is growing every day, even fashion. 

However, if you know that, with just a little sophistication in the way of choosing clothes, you will still be a fashionable pregnant woman, and be able to get rid of the "non-portable box" silhouette immediately.

Comfortable underwear

Fashion's roots are always rooted in comfort for the wearer. Especially when pregnant, this criteria must be carefully cared for. So, start with bras that fit and are made from soft cotton. 

During this time your measurements will increase rapidly. Therefore, to save even more, choose a bra with adjustable straps to easily adjust for your period!

Don't wear tight clothing

The idle tight-fitting outfits will not be able to "save" the curves or make you "slimmer" at this stage. On the contrary, it only makes your belly stand out even more and causes an imbalance in figure. So, just choose clothes that are loose fitting or that fit.

Monochrome clothing

Trying to choose clear monochrome outfits will make you much cleaner instead of a dozen intricate colored patterns. 

In particular, dark colors will create a sense of your figure being "slim" effectively. Instead of boring black, you can freely choose fashionable colors like cobalt blue, burgundy red or emerald green instead. At that time, let the emphasis focus on small points such as bags, scarves or even shoes.

Wear a deep-cut collar

The advantage of pregnant women is always an extremely sexy full chest. That is also the reason why you should cleverly exploit this attraction with attractive V-neck dresses or late-necked dresses. 

Not only that, while the "fat" face increases ... day by day due to weight gain, this deeply cut neck will also help you "prolong" your face much more elegant than a high round neck shirt or neck. ship closed.

Dance with maxi dresses

Not only is the sleek dress to help "prolong" the legs effectively, maxi is also a great choice for pregnant women during severe pain period. However, the maxi dresses of this period should be minimalistic in child motifs, vertical stripes or deep colors to bring back the necessary petite. 

In addition, the neck is also recommended to be simpler with a 2-wire shape or a deep neck with less pinching. In return, you can press the chest leg with a gentle silk strip to avoid boredom.

Make up

Many pregnant women are still thinking of not wearing makeup during pregnancy. However, this is a completely wrong idea. 

Of course, you do not need to put on makeup or spend hours in front of the mirror for the make-up too rich. Instead, a little bit of natural pink lipstick and mascara for the big eyes are enough to make you much more fresh and lovely.

Press the accessory

During pregnancy, accessories play a very important role in creating the necessary fashion look. In particular, when your clothes are often limited to monochrome colors, it is even more important to create accents and "distract" the look from the "oversized" belly. So, please boldly choose colorful small accessories to stand out.

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