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Comfortable weekend streetwear fashion

Office ladies have the opportunity to "ignore" boring office items to freely represent them with cool and fashionable dresses. In it, there must be a 2-wire shirt and a tanktop - 2 basic items that are indispensable in any wardrobe.

1. Skinny pants

Comfortable weekend streetwear fashion

The plus point is that both of these items have absolute hugging designs. Therefore, you will become a glamorous lady on the street when you fully show off your perfect S-shape in this duo. 

In particular, most of the 2-wire / tanktop shirt possesses a smooth color gamut that is extremely easy to colorize. However, if your shirt has an eye-catching pattern, neutralize it with monochrome skinny pants!

2. Short shorts

Wearing this set of clothes, you will definitely call back all summer with a dynamic, comfortable and equally fashionable look. The advantage of this combination is that you can combine a 2-wire / tanktop shirt with all different types of shorts: from dynamic jeans shors to tailored tailored shorts. 

The only remaining problem is the color harmony between the two items. In addition, short girls, please pay attention to neat sovin with high waist shorts if you want to "stretch" your legs!

3. Baggy pants

In stark contrast to seductive leggings or sports shorts, baggy pants can transform this inherently "slouch" shirt into a strange elegance and appeal. Especially the baggy, comfortable, convenient and extremely trendy baggy pants. Just forget about clutching momentum and you have the perfect set down the street for the weekend!

4. Skirts

No exaggeration, thanks to its simple look, a 2-wire shirt and a tank top can be combined with all types of skirt legs you have in your wardrobe. 

Dance with a feminine, stylish pleated maxi dress with a flap skirt or more creative when "everyday" turns the pencil skirt still worn to the office. You will have a ton to choose from this weekend!

5. Somi shirt

For ladies who are still hesitant to open up the two-wire shirt and tank top, adding a somi shirt is a great advice. You can combine with a buttonless somi shirt, gently show off the small shirt inside, or "more discreet" with a closed-neck somi showing a sense of arrogance.

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